Six Questions to Help You Discover Your Life Purpose

Each of us has our own unique life purpose.

Maybe you’re already living it, but you don’t realize yet.

These five questions will help you get closer in finding it out.

1. What is my passion? What activities make me lose track of time? What activities make me smile? What makes me excited? What inspires me the most?

2. What do my loved ones tell me I’m good at? What do people typically ask for my help with? What do people mostly ask my opinion on? What do my mentors say I should do more?

3. What are my strengths? What qualities make me stand out from a group? What positive tendencies am I more inclined to do?

4. What are my values? What do I strongly believe in? What are my priorities? What are my life’s essentials? What are my non-negotiables?

5. What do I notice? What grabs my attention when it’s not working? What problems make me think about correct and wise solutions?

6. What would I do if I knew I couldn’t fail? If money is not a problem, what would I do?

After completing your answers, list them down based on your priorities.

Combine similar items together, and write down life purpose statements. Ideally, five are okay.

Next, combine these five statements into one overall statement. More or less, you are now closer in discovering your life purpose.

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