Simplify Life... and Make it Count Has Launched

This is an early Christmas present!

I’m thrilled to announce that my first ever self-published book is now available at Simplify Life... and Make it Count: Focused living for lasting impact!

Kindle version
Order now >>>

Order now >>>

Table of Contents:


PART ONE: distractions                                  

     Chapter I: Era of Distraction                        
     Chapter II: Finding Clarity               

PART TWO: simplify life         
     Chapter III: Focus and Simplify      
     Chapter IV: Priority Management  
     Chapter V: Minimalism                                 
PART THREE: make it count            

     Chapter VI: Lasting Impact                          
     Chapter VII: Pathway to Purpose                
     Chapter VIII: Perseverance              

Concluding thoughts

There are three ways you can support me in this endeavor.             

1. Buy my book at Amazon. Of course, this is the best way because you are actually helping our family sustain our living. If this is your option, I will be very, very grateful and will include you every day in our prayers. Bonus is that you will feel the satisfaction of knowing that you have contributed something great to someone, and that will leave a lasting impact (at least on me).

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2. Subscribe to my blog, Minimalist on Purpose. If you feel that you don’t have the means to buy the book or you’re not that convinced yet, you can subscribe via email here at the upper right sidebar of my blog and get free content every time I post something new. I can send you a free pdf copy of the book when you subscribe.

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If you do all three, then you’re the best! I love you! (I would want to give you a bear hug right now!)

For those who are in Luzon and wanted to purchase a paperback copy of the book, kindly email me at We can work something out to give you the best deal.

One more thing:

When you already have a copy, you are welcome to share the book to all your friends, family, loved ones, or anyone and everyone via email, or thru social networking sites. My only request is for you to not sell it or charge it in any way.