My 25-Item Wardrobe

It’s been more than two months since I left my corporate work of 10 years.

Aside from the great, liberating feeling, I had time to do a lot of writing and reflecting.

I also had the chance to further pare down the 33-item wardrobe I was using.

After taking away all my corporate clothes, I was amazed to see that it has improved into a 25-item wardrobe.

Here it is:

  1. black slacks
  2. cream slacks
  3. blue jeans
  4. khaki shorts
  5. dark gray shorts
  6. black button down polo shirt
  7. gray polo shirt
  8. black polo shirt
  9. black polo shirt
10. dark brown vneck tshirt
11. black vneck tshirt
12. dark blue vneck tshirt
13. gray vneck tshirt
14. black tshirt
15. black tshirt
16. gold tshirt
17. gold tshirt
18. gray tshirt
19. gray tshirt
20. black leather belt
21. watch
22. black leather shoes
23. white rubber shoes
24. brown sandals
25. black flip flops

You may be thinking why I’m so passionate about paring down my wardrobe.

To answer simply, I want less of the stress of wondering what to wear. I’d like to use those times of wondering for more important stuff.

Also, I’m inspired by minimalist dressers such as Steve Jobs and Paulo Coelho. They dress simply yet elegant.

Next stop on my list of things-to-do is to pare down my book collection. I hope to write about it in my next post.