Minimalism Became a Spiritual Journey

When I decided to live a simple life, my first goals are to be more organized with my stuff, time, and commitments, spend more time with my family, and to be able to save more money to provide for my family.

Yet in time, it has become a spiritual journey.

It has become about living a life that is pleasing to God, and one that gives glory to His name.

I can fail many times about not being organized, but not giving glory to God… that’s a mistake I don’t want to make.

Minimalism is helping me live a life of single-hearted devotion to the person of Jesus Christ.

Jesus lived for the glory of His Father alone. It was His first and last priority and everything else came in between.

He didn’t care so much about material things… He cared more about people.

His life was focused on fulfilling His purpose, doing the will of His Father in heaven, pleasing Him and glorifying His name, in whatever it is that He had to do.

My decision to be a minimalist has become more of about modeling Christ’s character than my original goals of being organized or simplifying life itself.

You may have a different reason or motivation, but one thing I’m sure. Once you start embracing a simple life, you will never be the same again.