Laser-like Existence – Living a Life of Purpose

Our life is a gift.

Like any other gift, there are so many choices on what to do with it that it’s overwhelming trying to think about it.

You can choose to live it passively or you can choose to live it intentionally, with a purpose.

A life of purpose involves both creation and choice. It is what we decide to make it.

Unfortunately, many live a reactionary, passive life where actions and decisions are based on circumstances and the acts of others.

It should be created proactively based on principles and values.

A life of purpose is not just about being remembered after death, but it is the key to a life of harvest and success.

How to Live Laser-like

1. Live with focus. Set and defend your priorities. Learn to say “no.” Take some time to compose your life purpose statement. Not more than five items is ideal. Write it and save it. Be reminded of it every day.

2. Simplify life. Let go of all the non-essentials – material things and activities. Not only will you lessen stress, you will also become better stewards of what’s left. You will manage better when there are only a few things on your table.

3. Have an eternal perspective. Life on earth is a dot compared to the infinite line of eternity. It's not the stuff we leave behind that will matter, but our character and our example. If our goal is only to acquire fame and fortune, we may find that purpose rather empty in the end.

4. Be disciplined. Recognize that life is like a marathon, not a sprint. Self-discipline, consistency, and perseverance are important in living with laser-like purpose. When you feel like giving up, remember why you started. The why always determines how long you do anything.