Blog of the Year Award 2013

To cap off a great, fruitful year for Minimalist on Purpose, the blog is given the Blog of the Year Award 2013!

My very big THANKS to Christy King of The Simple White Rabbit for choosing Minimalist on Purpose to receive this special award.

The Blog of the Year Award is an award one blogger gives to another. Upon accepting, the recipient will choose one or more blogs to pass the award to.

It would be difficult to select from the many amazing blogs I follow, but for this purpose, I’m giving the award to the following:

1. Little Everyday Stuff

Little Everyday Stuff shares the writer’s experiences on mindfulness, appreciation, minimalism, and eco-friendly living.

2. Mom on Duty

Mom on Duty is about a young mom balancing her time on being a wife, mommy, and online entrepreneur while still pursuing her passion for travel and photography.

3. The Wise Living

The Wise Living is a personal finance, business, self-development and lifestyle blog aimed to guide young people on enriching their lives and living wisely.

I invite you to come and visit these three wonderful blogs and be blessed!