Applying the Six Questions

I tried to apply the Six Questions in my last post. I thought this is too simple, but that should be the approach. Here is what I came up with:

What is my passion?
  • Writing
  • Inspiring people
  • Playing music 
What do my loved ones tell me I’m good at?
  • Writing
  • Organizing events
  • Budgeting
  • Playing the guitar 
What are my strengths?
  • Organizational skills
  • Writing/communication skills
  • Leading a crowd to a song 
What are my values?
  • Relationship with God
  • Family
  • Financial Independence
  • Health & Relationships
  • Personal & Spiritual Growth
  • Service & Contribution to others 
What do I notice?
  • Article drafts
  • Unorganized events
  • Poorly arranged music 
What would I do if I knew I couldn’t fail?
  • I’d inspire others through writing & speaking and make a living out of it. 
My Priorities

1. Relationship with God
2. Family
3. Financial Independence
4. Health & Relationships
5. Personal & Spiritual Growth
6. Service & Contribution to others

Life Purpose Statements

1. To give glory to God and continually grow my relationship with Him.
2. To love and take care of my wife and kids, and earn their respect.
3. To be a faithful steward of my life’s blessings – health, relationships, and finances.
4. To be teachable and continually grow as a human being.
5. To inspire and help others in personal and spiritual growth.

Life Purpose Statement

Give glory to God by loving my family and being a faithful steward of my health, relationships, and finances, as I continually pursue personal and spiritual growth, and inspire others also.