You Are Not Alone

You are not alone.

Like all writers, I too am encouraged by affirmation.

That thankful friend who said he’d read my blog post and was benefited by it.

That guy sitting in a corner halfway across the world emailing me he was inspired by what I’d written.

The problem is, when these affirmations don’t come, I sometimes feel worthless.

That what I wrote didn’t matter, and I should stop.

And I lose the will to continue writing.

But now, I surrender.

I’m throwing away my dependence on glorification.

I’m bringing back my innocent, pure love for putting words on paper.

I’m writing for the love of writing!

You, too, should do it.

Never mind the page views, comments, or re-tweets.

Worry not on getting that big book publishing contract.

By our gifts we are called for a higher calling... a mission.

To question.

To create.

To express.

You are not alone.

We are writers. We write.

We will not die with all our thoughts inside us.