Creating an Ebook – an Expression of Love

This time, I’m stepping my foot forward.

It’s always been my greatest dream to become a professional writer.

What hinders me: Not enough time to write? Lack of opportunities? Worries and cares of this world?

Don’t think so.

I‘m thankful I soon realized what really hinders me is myself.

My own fears. My lack of self-esteem. My reactiveness (if there’s such a word).

I was hearing it over and over in my head...

“You stupid fool. Nobody’s gonna listen to you. Who do you think you are? There are so many others smarter than you. What makes you think anyone will care?”

I was waiting for everything to get better.

I was waiting for people to acknowledge who I am and what I do.

I was waiting for someone to initiate something before I start creating.

I believe all those reasons are valid, but I was sabotaging myself and I never knew it.

Creating an Ebook

Last week, I decided to write an ebook.

Aside from the novel I was writing, I wanted to write something non-fiction that could help other people improve their lives.

It’s intended to be given away FREE after I finish it.

Tentatively titled “Simplify Life... and Make it Count,” the book has three sections.

Section 1 is about how there are a lot of distractions and complications in our life today.

Section 2 suggests that the solution is to live a simple life, and how to do it.

Section 3 explains why do it.

These are topics that I’ve been living, breathing, aspiring, writing, and sharing for the past 10 years, and will be talked about in more detail in the book.

An Expression of Love

I’ve written books before, but I admit this one is more ambitious.

Because, for the first time in my life, I’m intending to share this to everyone I know and love, and to new friends who are willing to receive.

Now, this book actually has a purpose.

I want this to become an expression of my love and gratitude for them.

I figured that I should stop waiting for recognition and affirmation, and instead concentrate on inspiring and helping others through my writing.

Whatever happens, I believe I didn’t waste time and I’ve done something right and good.

I’m stepping my foot forward, this time.

5 Things You Shouldn’t Do When Creating Your First Ebook

Before I even got started, thankfully I had the privilege of being advised (or warned) by fellow bloggers who have been there before, or are presently riding the journey.

One such blogger is Ollin Morales in Courage 2 Create.

As I’ve mentioned, this is the first time I’m writing an ebook with the purpose of being distributed to a live audience, so the post helped a lot.

Thank you, Ollin!

Stop Waiting to be Picked

Another writer that has really inspired me is Jeff Goins.

If you feel deep in your soul that you are a writer, I highly recommend that you follow his blog and get to know this guy.

His writings shaped the attitude that I now possess as a writer and the roads that I’m now willing to take.

Jeff’s post, Stop Waiting to be Picked, gave me the push to finally accept my mission as a writer.

What’s Next?

As described by Ollin in his post, writing an ebook isn’t going to be an overnight thing.

I’m prepared to ride out this journey to the end, and share everything in this blog.

If you care enough, I could use some company.