Dear Writer

Thanks for the nice thoughts and good wishes. Have come through another one of those weeks when a smile or two is much appreciated. Where am I now? Physically in a good place here in Olongapo City, that after all my travels I love calling home. Emotionally? Pretty happy, excited (as always) to find more time to write and read and meet obligations, delighted to be finding so many old friends on the net. Love? I’m sleeping warmer than I can ever remember. Spiritually? Still connected. Still trusting and loving. Still hoping.

But enough about me, this entry is for you. You say you want to write, then do. Do not accept advice on how or why or even to what purpose. Writing is its own reason. In the end inspiration is more dependable than what people think or say, or the truth. Perhaps writing brings out the truth. The truth in you, the truth in the writer. I am anyway certain that if we stay true to ourselves, what comes out of us will be honesty amplified.

You should not be afraid of being honest. You shouldn’t feel terribly embarrassed to expose emotions that you didn’t want to admit you once had. Most well meant writings ought to discover its writer’s persona. If we refuse this, the best stuff stays in our heads and hearts, not once given the chance to be known or read, and it will die with us. Is that okay with you?

You say that you have done some work. Good. Very good. You won’t regret it later on. In my case, I save everything I can. In my life, the more days go by, the less I trust on memory. Time flies so fast that it even leaves memories behind. I write, and I save. The inspiration used to create what was created or to continue some unfinished sentence may not come back again. But you may need it some day for whatever purpose or sometimes to carry you through some of the worst extremes – depression.

I think about you and your work with increasing frequency. I picture you in that ramshackle table of yours after a long hard day ignoring the hot cup of tea or coffee prepared hours ago because you’re so indulged in what you’re doing. That’s okay. It’s better, though, to nearly finish the article first in your head the whole day before you give your hands free reign. The truth will always have less ornamentation when what we have to say is more clearly thought-out ahead of time. Plus, it reduces a lot of stress to think about good things while laboring all through the day.

While I read, re-read, and think about your writings, I believe that you are not far along in becoming an important writer. I envy your future; will use it as one more reason to stay alive as long as possible, hoping I’m still around to be a part of it.

Your path through the woods is safe here, your poems and letters find safe haven, too. Faith. A friend ends letters to me with that word. None of us can have too much of it. Faith, and love till next time.