Simple Problems Require Simple Solutions

Funny how simple problems get worse by applying complicated solutions.

Case study: A big conglomerate, operating literally nationwide and earning billions a year owns a vehicle that is old and unsafe. If you’re its CEO, what would you do?

Forcing complicated “frugal” solutions produces more problems. Consider the following:

  • Rehabilitate. Results in waste of manpower hours that would have been used for more important, innovative tasks than in a task that should not have existed at all. 
  • Repair. Results in waste of money, as eventually the vehicle will still break down because of age, while not meeting its objectives, and more money will be spent for repairs… again. 
  • Keep or store. Results in waste of valuable garage space which should have been used by a vehicle that is in good running condition and ready to proudly represent the company and its brand. 
We can go on and on with the disadvantages of keeping something inefficient and the advantages of letting it go.

The simplest solution I can think of is to get rid of it and buy something new.

Problem solved. Objective met. Instantly.

And we can all move on and use our precious time trying to think of ways to improve.