One Goal per Year

“If I throw you a coin, you will easily catch it. But what if I throw you 3 coins?” – Philippine Tourism Secretary Ramon Jimenez

This quote from Secretary Jimenez during the 2013 League of Corporate Foundations CSR Expo held at the SMX Convention Center in Manila left me smiling from ear to ear.

Jimenez was explaining to the plenary session moderator, Ayala Corporation consultant Vicky Garchitorena, how he approaches goal setting with his team. He said that he gives his staff just one goal, let me repeat that – ONE goal – per year to accomplish.

The audience was shocked to hear that from a person of such responsibility.

Jimenez believes that success can be best achieved if you do things one at a time. No multi-tasking.

Now, three years later on his tenure, his department have already achieved three of its major goals. Who can argue with that?

I know of some organizations that have 25 objectives to reach during its strat planning, then at the end of the year not even a single goal was met. <wink>

It’s obvious, but let me just say: I joyfully agree with the honorable secretary!

Of course, that one goal is probably divided into a few sub-goals. But having one major goal to focus on in your head makes it much more reachable and is more likely to succeed.