A Simple White Rabbit Guide to Inner Simplicity

In her post at The Simple White Rabbit, writer Christy King explains that minimalism is more about inner simplicity than decluttering, downsizing, and organizing.

What does that mean? That it shouldn’t be the end, but only a means.

Minimalism is only a tool to help us live a more focused, more impactful and purpose-driven lives. Eliminating all the unnecessary to make room for the most important. I’ve written something on that here.

Also in that post, Christy asked us to make three lists. The first one is a list of things that makes you happy now. The second is of things that you don’t have right now but you think would make you happier if you did. Lastly, the third is of things you have now and wish you didn’t.

These three lists serve as a guide in the path toward inner simplicity, which she discussed in her next post.

(Remember to create your three lists first before reading her second post.)

My Three Lists

With that inspiration, I’m sharing my lists with you, hoping that you may also find some inspiration on it.

After a few days of thinking, here they are: (I wrote them in no particular order, and as they hit me.)

Things That Make Me Happy

1.   writing
2.   morning walk with my wife while talking
3.   wrestling, cuddling, and kissing with my children before bedtime
4.   reading a good book
5.   sharing my thoughts through this blog
6.   seeing my wife and children smile
7.   playing non-competitive basketball with friends
8.   playing the guitar and leading worship at church
9.   studying the Bible with our young people at church
10. dining out with my wife, children, and sometimes with family and friends
11. having a simple breakfast at home with my wife and children
12. speaking in front of people and inspiring them
13. watching and listening to the rain
14. watching and listening to the ocean
15. early morning quiet
16. meditating

Things I Think Would Make Me Happier

1.   a smaller house
2.   lesser amount of things in the house
3.   writing full-time for a living
4.   being a published author
5.   being an inspirational speaker
6.   early retirement
7.   having one hour of running every day
8.   reaching and inspiring more people to lead better lives
9.   seeing lives transformed for the better

Things I Don’t Like and Don’t Want
(Sorry, I can’t be more specific. It would make more harm than good.)

1.   financial worries
2.   health problems
3.   relationship problems
4.   hanging out with difficult and negative people
5.   working with unprofessional, unorganized, and incompetent people
6.   noise early in the morning
7.   interacting with discourteous drivers on the road

These are my lists. I suddenly realize that I’m already pretty happy… but still could be happier.

Am now ready to read Christy’s next post and will again share my thoughts here after.