Starting Project 333

My 31 items of clothing for 3 months! (Not in here are my cream slacks, dark gray shorts, jacket, belt, watch, and shoes.  Not included in the experiment are my underwear, socks, face towels, and white undershirts)
Alright, this is it!

I’m starting Project 333 on Monday, January 21, and here is my planned wardrobe to wear for the next three months:

1.     black slacks

2.     black slacks

3.     cream slacks

4.     blue jeans

5.     black jeans

6.     dark gray casual shorts

7.     khaki green casual shorts

8.     black corporate jacket

9.     barong tagalog (office uniform)

10.   barong tagalog (office uniform)

11.   shirt jack (office uniform)

12.   shirt jack (office uniform)

13.   white polo shirt (office uniform)

14.   gray polo shirt (office uniform)

15.   black button down polo

16.   black polo shirt

17.   gray polo shirt

18.   light brown polo shirt

19.   dark brown vneck tshirt

20.   dark blue vneck tshirt

21.   black vneck tshirt

22.   black tshirt

23.   black tshirt

24.   white tshirt

25.   yellow/gold tshirt

26.   pale red tshirt

27.   black leather belt

28.   watch

29.   black leather shoes

30.   white rubber shoes

31.   black slippers

I didn’t have a hard time picking out clothes because I don’t have that many clothes in the first place. I’m a minimalist for 3 years now and have 56 personal possessions before trying this out.

The cabinet on the right is my daughter's. She likes to put stickers of Dora on it. :)

Just a brief recap of the guidelines for this project:


  • All clothing and outerwear
  • Jewelry and accessories
  • Shoes 
            Not Included

  • Wedding ring and/or other sentimental jewelry you never take off
  • Workout clothes
  • Sleep wear
  • Underwear 
Other Reminders

  • This is not a project of suffering. Clothing that no longer fit or are in poor condition may be replaced any time during the 3 months.
  • You don’t have to get rid of your remaining clothes entirely. Just put all away, except for 33 items, for 3 months. 
That’s it! I’ll be wearing only these 31 articles of clothing from January 21 to April 21. I will list down what I'll wear from day to day and will give weekly updates.

Just a thought: if not for my day job, I can get this further down to 25 things.

How about you? Can you live with just 33 items of clothing?

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