4 Lessons I Learned from Pacquiao’s Knockout

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It was a knockout for the ages.

Not because of the way it was done, but because to whom it was done.

You don’t get to see it very often.

Manny Pacquiao kissing the canvass. Unconscious. Freaking unbelievable.

It was a punch that sent a whole nation into deafening silence.

Despite of the shock, we can learn some things on that knockout:

  1. The more you prepare, the more likely you will succeed. Some say that it’s just a “lucky punch” from Juan Manuel Marquez. I don’t believe in luck. Timing, yes. But luck? Marquez prepared himself for this fight from the moment Pacquiao-Marquez 3 ended. I’m a big, loyal fan of the PacMan – I still am! – but I can say that he got complacent about this fight, training only for 6 weeks and not being that focused. The result? He was careless and got hit by that counterpunch from Marquez that knocked him out. 
  1. Having focus is very powerful. This has been a central theme of this blog. Focus, focus, focus. Aside from being a professional boxer, Manny is also a politician, actor, singer, commercial model, philanthropist, preacher, entrepreneur, husband, father, and many more. It is difficult to be effective when you have too many things on your table, and this is just one example of that basic principle. 
  1. Appreciate the moment. Be thankful of where you are and what you have right now. As what we saw in the fight, anything can happen in a split second. One moment Manny was making Marquez look like a punching bag. Then in a blink of an eye, he goes on headbutting the canvass. 
  1. Stay humble. One thing that I’m always proud about Manny is his humility. I have never seen any professional athlete in any sport accept defeat so graciously as he does. It’s what endeared him to so many. If only everyone can master the hidden power of humility, everything in the world would be different. 
These lessons can also be applied in also four areas of our life:

  1. Health. If we don’t prepare ourselves for old age, eat the right kinds of food right now and have regular exercise, then anything can happen to us in a split second. I know of an old person who seems to be very healthy when you look at him. Then one day, in just a split second, he fainted. He was brought to the hospital and was diagnosed with a stroke. Days later he died. Everything unhealthy he did while he was young (smoking, drinking, overwork, sedentary lifestyle) accumulated and took its toll. 
  1. Passion. We must focus on the things we do best, nurture them, and continue to develop them. We must never be complacent and never stop learning and growing. That way, we can contribute to the world more effectively, and our life will have a much more lasting positive impact. 
  1. Relationships. Again, anything can happen in a split second. Choosing our words carefully before we utter them can make a lot of difference in the success of a relationship; be it with our wife, children, co-workers, and to other people in general. 
  1. Spirituality. Have you ever asked yourself this question: “If I die today, am I sure where I am going?” I say it for the third time: anything can happen in a split second. Nothing is certain. Let’s take time to examine our spiritual lives now before it’s too late. 
To end, I appeal to all Filipinos that let’s stop pointing fingers or blaming religion and rituals regarding Manny’s defeat. This is the time when he needs our support and encouragement most.

Let’s just give credit to whom credit is due. Juan Manuel Marquez came focused and prepared for the fight of his life. He won fair and square. Let’s accept this fact and move on. Manny didn’t lose to a mediocre fighter. He lost to a true champion, one of the greatest.

Besides, this doesn’t make Manny any less of a champion in anyone’s mind.

Maybe, except in Pretty Boy Floydie’s.


  1. I agree to all these. Great post.

    1. hi kim. thanks. :) thank you also for stopping by. God bless.

  2. I completely agree.

    May I reinforce your point about preparation. Marquez prepared that right punch thoroughly. Manny and team knew how to avoid it, by circling to the right. His preparation, however, was incomplete. Circling to the right never got ingrained. His 3rd round knockdown was already ominous. But, as he got excited, lack of preparation got him in a vulnerable spot. And perfect preparation for Marquez made him take advantage of it. Marquez said it after the fight: he saw that Manny was coming in for the one-two, so he stepped to the left and hit with his right. Only great preparation can make you react with precision and power in a stressful situation like that.

    1. thank you for the detailed insight, geodino.

      yes, you said it right. the more we prepare, the "luckier" we get.


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