Dreams and Contentment

It’s good to have dreams.

I mean, it’s great to have dreams.

Dreams keep us excited all day. It keeps us going, looking forward, and gives us strength to carry on.

I want to write for a living. I want to have passive income so I can do anything I want with my time. I want to be a professional basketball player. I want to be a millionaire!

The problem is when we get so focused on our dreams that it consumes our whole being.

So as we’re not going to be happy until that dream happens.

Don’t Hold On Too Tightly

When our dreams start to frustrate us, and we lose our peace and quiet, and we’re not enjoying life anymore, then it’s no longer healthy.

It’s not healthy to hold on to our dream too tightly.

I’m not saying don’t hold on to your dream. Just not too tightly that it’s impossible for you to let go.

I Had a Dream

I had a dream once.

I was young then, 21 years old.

I had this dream to be with this special someone. And it’s all I had in my heart and mind.

It kept me awake at night. It kept me inspired, excited, motivated to go through the rigors of college life.

But then I soon found out that the dream was not meant to be.

I kept on holding on… holding on too tightly.

Until time came when I’m no longer happy holding on.

I lost my peace and quiet. I’m not enjoying life anymore.

Letting Go

What I learned? You’ve got to realize when to let go.

Real freedom is when you say to God, “Lord, I’m turning it all over to You. You know my desires, BUT You know more what’s best for me. I’m choosing to trust You and Your timing.”

The Power of Contentment

In learning contentment, whatever the circumstances, we break the power of frustration.

By being content, we are showing our faith in God and our trust in Him.

When we choose to trust in God’s timing, we can live in peace and joy, knowing that He is saving His best for last!

Contentment is Good

Contentment is good. It means that we are allowing God to be in the driver’s seat of our life.

In the book of Philippians, Apostle Paul talked about the Secret of Being Content, and how powerful it is.

If we have to be discontented in this life, then let us be discontented with our own spiritual and personal growth.