Love Life: Live in the Moment

Writer’s Note: This is a guest post from Lianne Martha Laroya of The Wise Living.

How often have you tasted your meal – as in really tasted it?

How often have you smelled your coffee or tea first before gulping them in one go?

How often have you savored your bonding moment with your family without even thinking about meetings or work deadlines?

My friend, if your answer was “not very often, no...” then that means you need to live in the moment.

Live in the moment? But I have so many things to do, you say?


We all get caught up in so many things – so many trivial things – that we fail to realize the value of the important things in our life!

We fail to recognize that spending time for yourself and for your loved ones is neglected!

You spend time with them, yes, but did you enjoy it?

You ate your expensive food, right, but were you able to take pleasure in it?

You did meditation, good for you, but did you find the purpose of doing so?

My friend, life is short so learn to live in the moment. People work hard to provide for them family but their family is often neglected. Miscommunication happens, feelings are hurt and relationships are broken.

Don’t let this happen to you.

Living in the moment is tough, though! Just by being aware of your breathing is a part of it, but doing it is hard. It doesn’t happen overnight – it takes practice.

Instead, I leave you with these three actions to start with it.

1. Taste: Chew your food gently. Savor it. Relish it, its combination of spices. Drown yourself in it. Hey, you can even close your eyes while doing this.

2. Pay attention: When your loved one is talking about his day, stop what you’re doing and listen. Listen. Ask well-thought-of questions. Savor the moment with the person you’re with.

3. Get lost: Get lost within yourself. Wake up early and just get lost in your task of doing nothing. You owe this to yourself.

Lianne is the writer of The Wise Living. Visit her blog to read her informative and inspirational posts on earning money, personal finance, frugal lifestyle, and simplicity.