Celebrating the 10,000th

It was seven months and 13 days ago when I posted my first article on this website. I never expected that this blog’s readership would grow as much as it is now and as quickly as it had. I’m just a simple man from a simple island nation called the Philippines, with simple messages to share.

As this blog went over its 10,000th page view today I would like to show my gratitude with a big THANK YOU to all of you wonderful readers and supporters from all over the world. Thank you for the encouragement, the inspiration, and the time you’ve given me through this site.

I also thank my wife, for her support and all she does for me and my two kids. She knew this was my dream ever since, to become a writer and share my thoughts through it.

I would also like to thank my relatives and friends for being my number one followers. J My small group at church, and the rest of the church family, I also thank you for inspiring me every day.

I thank my God, my Almighty Father, for the life He has given me. I pray for more strength and wisdom on how to use my gifts more for His glory.

To end, I hope that you are all always safe and warm, comforted and encouraged by the loving arms of our Father in heaven. I pray that you continue to share with me this lifelong journey in simplicity and spirituality.

God bless everyone! Thanks again for stopping by!