10 Tips on How to Keep Your Passion at Work

“Most people treat the present moment as if it were an obstacle they need to overcome. Since the present moment is Life itself, it is an insane way to live.” – Eckhart Tolle

I could never work on something I’m not passionate about. I mean, I can, but it will eventually lead to a burnout. That’s why I feel very blessed that my day job has provided me an avenue to bring out the best in me.

Most simplicity bloggers I know have “quitting my day job” in their wish list. And they’ve done it. I’m sorry, but I’m not one of them. Why?

Because I love my work. I love Monday mornings and look forward to another week of doing what I do. 

I work as a Corporate Branding, Communications, and Social Responsibility officer for a power distribution company in Subic Bay. These are three tasks that I’m really passionate about.

Conducting a Brand refresher for my officemates
At work, I get to read and write a lot, create and edit articles, layout and manage a newsletter, and build relationships with people. 

I get to manage people’s behaviors, stand in front of them, and inspire them to be better persons not only physically, mentally, and socially, but more importantly spiritually. 

I get to help people help themselves, meet the needs of the less fortunate (which will be limited of funds if I would have done it personally), and contribute positively to the world.

Speaking in front of students from Letran College
Because of my work, I am able to provide for the needs of my family and more, get to travel around the country and go to places I’ve never dreamed of going, and meet some of the best and most wonderful people in the planet.

During one of our Christmas Outreach activities
I know, you might say “lucky you.” Yeah, I must admit that J, but the simple truth is that passion doesn’t exist in the job, it exists within us. 

We have to choose to have passion. It’s either we find it in us right where we are, or we will never find it.

The best place to ignite our passion at work is right where you are… right now. Here are some tips:

1.     Appreciate your boss. I feel the most enthusiastic about my work whenever I appreciate my bosses. I walk over to their office and greet them, shake hands with them, or have a warm, short chit chat once in a while. Remember, they are humans too. They also need to be encouraged and built up.

2.    Be thankful. One of the ways that I do to keep me passionate at work is to constantly remind myself of all the blessings that it has given me. As I’ve mentioned above, because of my work, my family is well provided, I get around the country a lot to see different places, I made new friends and acquaintances, and I get to do something meaningful in the lives of others. I express gratitude for all that I have and this helps me become even more passionate about what I’m doing.

3.    Make a list of compelling reasons why you work. At least five will do. Put it in a place where you can refer to it constantly. If your list is not that positive, rehash it and write it into something motivational. Here’s my list: 1.) To provide for my family’s needs, 2.) to share my knowledge and skills, 3.) to help people help themselves, 4.) to be a blessing to others, 5.) and to contribute something to the world before I leave it.

4.    Balance work and family life. Even though I love my work so much, I never spend extended hours on it, except on those rare occasions that I really have to. I know how to work hard and smart, but I also know when to quit for the day. I never neglect spending time with my wife and kids as they are the number one reason why I work in the first place. Besides, I usually finish what I have to do before going home.

5.    Always give your best. Great things happen when we give our best. That goes in everything we do, not only at work. Give your best to your family, your relationships, your finances, your life. We give glory to our Creator when we pursue excellence.

6.    Stay healthy. Eat the right food and exercise regularly. Watch your weight. Have enough sleep and rest. To perform at your best, you must be physically healthy and ready to meet the pressures of your work.

7.    Act with enthusiasm. Sometimes, emotions can work backwards. Move and talk with enthusiasm, and soon you will actually feel enthusiastic. I’m not kidding, try it.

8.    See what’s positive in every situation. I admit, it would be hard initially because it’s human nature to see the hassle first, the problem, and the inconvenience. Start identifying a little positive on anything, then change your perspective and build your passion on it. You’ll find out that whatever situation you’re in, it will be easier and more pleasurable to handle.

9.    Keep a file of inspiring articles you read. As my regular readers and friends know, I love to read. Whenever I read an article that really inspired me, I tear it out of a magazine, or copy it in the computer, and file it. That way I can go back at it and read it every time I need some much needed boost.

10. Work for God, and not for men. For me, by far this is the most important tip of all. The Bible says in Colossians 3:23 that “Whatever work you do, do it with all your heart. Do it for the Lord and not for men.” I love this verse because, as we all know, all of us have problems at work. And this verse is like a breath of fresh air, a reminder that our ultimate boss is God Himself. We should regard our work as an act of worship to God, something that honors and glorifies Him. This perception would take away boredom and drudgery out of our work, and unleash the passion within us.

In reality, if we have work, we spend most of our waking hours on it than at home or anywhere else. It’s a minimum of 8 to 9 hours a day, more if you have a long commute. 

If you are unhappy at work, or if you feel that you don’t really love what you’re doing and you can’t be passionate about it, might as well get to know yourself more first. 

Find your passion. Discover your purpose. It’s better than wasting your time, and your life, on something that won’t give it any meaning.

Life is short, really.