Contentment is Resting Your Soul

Like so many words such as love, faith, and commitment, we’ve somehow lost the true meaning of contentment. The majority has somehow come up with the opinion that contentment is the opposite of success.

We’ve come to believe that contentment is only achieved when we stop striving, when we become mediocre and settle for less. But simplicity and contentment is not mediocrity. It is not settling for less, but having and doing less – to focus and simplify and have a more meaningful, purposeful life.

People nowadays are afraid to slow down, or be still, or relax, because they feel that the world may pass them by. And for what? For more material things? For more achievements? For more fame and honor? But for whose glory?

Sadly, we condition our minds that we’ll be contented someday, perhaps when we retire. If you’re a typical person, contentment may probably be the last thing you’re dreaming of, yet there’s a good chance that you long for it, you just don’t know it. Because at its core, contentment is peace of mind. Contentment is happiness. Contentment is trusting God and letting Him lead your life. The person who is content has little or no stress. How would you like that?

Still people dive head first into society’s raging river of busyness, accumulation, and greed – overspending, overcommitting, overconsuming, and overworking. All that for what? For happiness? Peace of mind? Satisfaction? Yet they get the exact opposite – anxiety, worry, unhappiness – by amassing.

In the long run, doing too many things all at once, or more popularly called “multi-tasking,” brings forth ineffectiveness. The truth is multi-tasking turns into mediocrity and busyness produces dullness.

Even as you read this, let your mind slow down and reflect on the qualities of true contentment. Learn and cultivate contentment. Realize that contentment is good, and find out some of its misconceptions. Recognize the two sides of contentment, and erase all doubts and confusion.

Find out and embrace the secret of being content, for there is tremendous power in it. Because when you are content with what you have, you are free. You are free from pretense, free from concern about having it all right now, and, in most cases, free from this world of stress.