Today, I Ran My First 5k

I’m so happy today!

Why? Because I ran my first 5k in years!

I am a very outdoors type of person. Been involved in sports for most of my high school and college life.

Until October 2009, when I sprained my right ankle pretty bad. That was the start of my calvary in becoming obese.

I was stuck in bed for about three weeks. Even after then I had troubles with my mobility. I couldn’t stand for more than five minutes, or my ankle would hurt. I couldn’t run, or even walk fast as I usually did. Couldn’t play the sport closest to my heart, basketball, anymore.

With my immobility, I began to have habits that would drive me further down my unhealthy lifestyle. I became sedentary. Passed time by in front of the TV. Ate a lot of chicharon and junk food. Always drank a lot of soda.

I was always sitting down because I couldn’t stand for long. My blood sugar shot up to epic proportions. The sportsman in me became depressed and unmotivated, and began eating unconsciously and uncontrollably.

Eventually I weighed 180 pounds. Became moody and unproductive.

Finally, after almost a year in the wilderness, I made a stand. I chose to get my life back.

I started slowly. Walked one lap around Remyfield’s 400-m oval. After a couple of days, walked two. Time passed quickly and I started to slowly increase my goals.

Thank heavens, after a few weeks I was able to run again. A few months passed, my weight was down to 145 lbs. I was able to play competitive basketball again. My blood sugar went back to normal levels again. I could run 8 laps around the oval (3.2 kilometers), non-stop, without feeling pain in my ankle.


A few more months, and today, I finally ran 13 times around the oval without stopping! That’s 5.2 kilometers! I couldn’t help but shout “Thank you, Lord!” after I crossed the reference line the 13th time.

Praise God for He gave me encouragement and strength!

I was reminded of this today: There will always be another opportunity. For God is a God of second chances.