I Missed Running

I had my first run in two weeks this morning, and I must say I truly missed it. Wearing my shoes and pounding my feet and legs on the track & field oval, feeling the wind on my cheeks, my heart racing with every stride… it’s overwhelming.

I arrived at the Remy field oval 5:45 AM, a little late than usual, and did my pre-running stretch routine. Taking it easy because of the long break, I just ran for 8 rounds on the 400-meter oval – non-stop – and felt very blessed to be healthy and alive.

Running is special to me because it is a time when my mind is at its clearest. It’s hard to think about things when you have the noise of the modern world around you, but when you’re alone on the track, you can’t help but think in silence.

There is also something about running that transforms and uplifts you. In the beginning it can be very difficult, and there will be times when you feel like stopping, but if you can beat the negative voice inside you that wants to stop, you will learn how to overcome doubts and negativity. That is a gift that will take you to new heights in everything you do.