Relationships Take Time

One hundred years ago, our society was influenced greatly by the farm culture. Lifestyle was slower. There was a season for planting, a season for growing, and a season for harvesting. There was a natural timetable for living which couldn’t be rushed.

Today, we live in a society where things can’t happen fast enough. Everything is instant – from oatmeal to news. Everything is fast – from food to writing letters. We even get frustrated when it takes a few milliseconds for our cell phones to receive our prepaid load. Our society is now characterized by “short-time”, “drive-thru”, and “one-touch”. We get impatient with anything that takes time.

There is one aspect of life which cannot be rushed – building a meaningful relationship with another person. You can make an acquaintance “on-the-spot”, but a friendship can’t happen instantly. It doesn’t develop “over-night”. It takes time.

Growing a friendship is like growing a crop. There is a season of planting – time spent in finding common interests. This initial contact is followed by a season of growing – when the friendship is nurtured as you begin to appreciate each other’s differences which are discovered only by spending time together. As the relationship matures, you begin a lifelong season of harvest – when friendship proves to be a source of strength and encouragement.

Do you want meaningful relationships? Do you desire relationships based on trust and loyalty? You can have this kind of friendship, but it will take time. Your time.