Beware of Victim Mentality

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I’m not going to beat around the bush here.

Victim mentality is dangerous.

If you want to live a life of purpose, you have to reject this way of thinking.

A person with victim mentality is characterized by the following:

Hope and Simplicity

Appreciating the moment is what it means to be simple.

But sometimes, the moment is too difficult to appreciate.

Have you ever been through that?

A loved one is sick. Your finances are in disarray, and you are deep in debt. You and your spouse had a fight. Your children are stubborn and uncooperative. Work is disappointing rather than inspiring.

This is living; the real stuff of life. And for some people, this seemed to be the case most of the time.

Sometimes, this happens to me, too.

My response: have hope.

The Danger of Materialism


There are two aspects of life: the material and the spiritual.

Materialism caters the physical body and its senses, while Spirituality cares about the soul and the spirit.

Minimally, a person’s physical needs are fulfilled with only the essentials: air to breathe, water and food to satisfy thirst and hunger, a few clothes for cover and protection, a bed to rest, and a house for shelter.

What usually happens, however, is that anything excess of these basic needs will either be unused or misused.

We Are Gifted


All of us, you and me, we are gifted with something.

We can tell ourselves we aren’t, but we are.

We can always deny the fact, but we are.

Maybe we just don’t realize enough.

Everyone Exists, Only a Few Live

Photo by Paul Jarvis

Existing is an observable fact of life. It is a given.

We breathe, we eat, we drink, we think, we move and do things.

We wake up, shower and brush our teeth, put on our clothes, look in the mirror, walk out our front door, work from 8 to 5, then go back into our front door to sleep.

That’s existence.

Success and Happiness


It’s no surprise that everyone wants to be successful and happy.

Who in his right frame of mind wouldn’t want to, anyway?

And because everybody wants success and happiness, these two ideas appear to become unattainable goals that people should forever chase and strive hard to attain.

If success is getting what we want, then it is about working hard, getting dirty, and going out there and making it happen.

However, this doesn’t guarantee happiness. Anyone can get what he wants without really being happy.

Real Freedom


Indiscernibly as it is, people are being made slaves by the stuff of this world.

Never in the history of planet earth have humans been involved in so much consumerism as today.

Even little children were unintentionally being conditioned that the more toys they have, the happier they should become.

Some parents use material things as reward for something good done by their kids, without knowing that they are introducing their children to the pattern of worldly materialism.

As if a material possession is a goal they have to achieve.

The First 20 Minutes of the Morning

Have you ever thought about the first 20 minutes of your waking time every morning?

What habits have you built for that first 20 minutes?

How do you jumpstart your day the right way?

The Beauty of Limits

I was eating my breakfast this morning, a simple one – eggplant omelette, a cup of rice, and a glass of water – when I had the sudden urge to get more rice.

I paused for a moment, took a deep breath, and composed myself.

For health purposes, I am limiting myself to just a cup of rice, or fewer, every meal, I remembered.

Difference between Frugal and Cheap

There is a difference between being frugal and being cheap. Being frugal and prudent is wise. Being cheap and stingy is self-centered.

Frugal people understand that paying more can mean better value. Cheap people don’t want to pay regardless of the value.

Frugal people go to Starbucks once in a while. Cheap people settle for the 3-in-1 sachet all the time.